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Contributing to the Chronicle

The ideal contribution

2010-08 Cover

The Hartfield & Coleman's Hatch Chronicle is produced in A5 format with a target font size of 12 point. This is the recommended font size for readers of all ages. It follows that an article of between 400 to 500 words is therefore ideal. Articles can be sent as an email or an email attachment in any of the usual document formats i.e. doc, docx, rtf , otf or pdf. The following link will allow you email your article directly to the Chronicle.


Pictures to accompany your article are welcome. The A5 greyscale format available for the editorial pages restricts us as to the size of reproduction however please submit photographs in sufficient size to be reproduced at the standard 300 dpi used by print media. You must also ensure you own the copyright and that any people depicted are content that they will appear in the magazine.

Advertising in the Chronicle

Readers often tell us that they use the magazine as a resource for finding services. Advertising in the Chronicle can therefore be very successful so it follows there is a waiting list. Adverts are commissioned on an annual basis commencing with the January edition each year. Please call Ian Burns our business manager on 01342 850150 for further details.